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Bridgeport Animal Hospital Bridgeport Animal Hospital

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Professional Veterinary Care for Wise County, TX and Surrounding Areas

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Experienced Veterinary Care for Horses

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At Bridgeport Animal Hospital, we have a lifetime of experience and knowledge caring for horses, as well as a variety of equine specific veterinary equipment to ensure the best care.for your equine friend.

Experienced Veterinary Care for Horses

A horse in a the paddock

We conduct a variety of horse-specific wellness procedures, such as physical exams, fecal exams, and dentistry, as well as Coggins tests to screen for equine infectious anemia. Many of the diseases that are common among horses are prevented by the custom tailored equine vaccination protocols we offer. Rabies, intranasal strep and west nile virus are all preventable diseases that can be avoided with proper vaccines.

As always, the care we provide horses is custom designed for each client, and we are more than happy to give consultation on all matters equine.

A horse from the back

Equine Reproduction Assistance From Experienced Veterinarians

Bridgeport Animal Hospital has a host of equine-specific veterinary equipment, as well as a wealth of experience working with horses. We have multiple portable and in-house sonograms available. In every case, we offer the option of using either fresh or frozen semen, and we can collect, and receive samples for use as needed. In female horses, we use our advanced ultrasound capabilities to determine where they are in their cycles and when they will be in heat, and we can even induce ovulation through hormone treatments if necessary.

If you are considering Bridgeport's equine reproduction services, it is good to know what to expect. Contact us today to learn more about our reproductive services for your horse.

We’re here to help your horses stay healthy and strong. Contact us to learn more about our equine care services.