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~ Brendan M.

Equine Reproduction Assistance From Experienced Veterinarians in Wise County TX

Bridgeport Animal Hospital has a host of equine-specific veterinary equipment, as well as a wealth of experience working with horses. We have multiple portable and in-house sonograms available, as high-quality ultrasonography and versatility in our ability to travel to farms for on-site ultrasound procedures form the cornerstone of our equine practice. In every case, we offer the option of using either fresh or frozen semen, and we can collect, ship, and receive samples for use as needed. In female horses, we use our advanced ultrasound capabilities to determine where they are in their cycles and when they will be in heat, and we can even induce ovulation through hormone treatments if necessary. Our veterinarians can also perform equine embryo transfers, as well as ship and receive embryos to and from other care facilities nationwide.

Equine Reproduction Assistance from Bridgeport Animal Hospital

If you are considering Bridgeport's equine reproduction services, it is good to know what to expect. Useful articles from PetPlace.com outline breeding soundness exam procedures for both mares and stallions in considerable detail, and these are good resources for prospective breeders.