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$25 off Small Animal Dental Procedures during the third week of every month.


“Dr. Bill & Dr. Jeff have always taken excellent care of our animals and we have a lot to care for! Thanks for all the TLC and understanding that you have given us and our four legged kids though the years.”
~ Ron & Anita M.

Professional Veterinary Care for the Wise County TX Area

We are excited to announce that Dr. Tommy Harris, a 2003 Texas A&M graduate, has returned as a full time veterinarian with us!

At Bridgeport Animal Hospital, we make it our mission to provide you and your pet with the highest quality of service and care available. We are dedicated to promoting wellness and health in all areas of your pet's life and promise to treat every pet we see just as we would our own. It is important to us that from the moment you walk through our door, you feel at home. We want to know you on a first name basis, and it is our hope that you will come to know us just the same.

We also make it a top priority to always remain on the industry's cutting edge of technology and expertise. Bridgeport Animal Hospital offers some of the best equipment available, as well as the knowledge necessary to utilize these tools to the fullest. This, coupled with our dedication to personalized service and quality relationships with our clients, forms the core of our mission as a practice. Our caring and professional veterinary staff takes this mission to heart and will always tailor the care we provide to best fit your pet's individual lifestyle. We will work with you every step of the way to ensure the utmost satisfaction and comfort with the veterinary services you receive.

In addition to household pets, such as dogs and cats, we also care for a variety of large and small animals, including exotic pets, horses, and farm animals. Top-shelf knowledge and capability in a wide range of animal medicine is something we pride ourselves on. If it's got fur, feathers, or scales, we'll work on it! Be sure to check our Veterinary Services page for more information.

Our practice is always growing, and we look forward to forging new relationships with our clients and our community as we expand. Our advanced capabilities and commitment to personal service make Bridgeport Animal Hospital a special place. We have always loved animals, and look forward to meeting you and yours.