“Dr. Jeff is wonderful – extremely knowledgeable‚ kind‚ and patient. All the staff at Bridgeport is great.”
~ Sharon S.

A Wide Range of Animal Care Options from Bridgeport Animal Hospital, Wise County TX

Bridgeport Animal Hospital provides a wide array of services for large, small, and exotic animals, including birds, reptiles, and food animals. With the finest technology at our disposal, we offer the unique ability to perform a whole host of procedures on nearly any animal type. Some of the services unique to Bridgeport Animal Hospital include:

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Some of our mobile equipment also gives us the ability to make farm calls as needed. And don't forget everyday care such as routine check-ups, physical exams, vaccinations, and grooming. Even the most basic of procedures are conducted with the utmost care and respect for you and your animal companion. As always, we will work to design a program of care that is custom-tailored to fit the individual needs and lifestyle of your pet or farm animal.