Professional Canine Reproductive Services for the Wise County Area

Bridgeport Animal Hospital continues to offer our clients some of the finest canine breeding services available. Our knowledgeable, experienced staff and state-of-the-art equipment give us the highest degree of control over every step of the process from initial screenings to fertilization. In every case we see, dogs will receive a pre-procedural screening and physical examination to make sure they are healthy and fit to breed. Females will undergo a series of hormone tests and ultrasound observations to determine where a mother-to-be is in her cycle and to find the best time to breed. A brief how-to guide for determining if your female dog is in heat can be found on the AAHA's Healthy Pet pages. Male dogs undergoing reproductive services receive physical exams to ensure ideal conditions for semen collection, after which we can evaluate samples on site.

Canine Reproductive Services for pets in the Wise County Area

We offer our clients a number of options when it comes to handling semen samples in the breeding process, and we can either use fresh semen collected at our facility or frozen samples shipped from other locations. Further, should a client want breeding or evaluations done elsewhere, we also have the ability to ship fresh chilled semen across the United States. Should you want to store frozen samples in our lab for later use, we offer this option as well. Please consult with us about any of your needs for breeding services, as we work to accommodate all of our clients in every way we can.