“Dr. Bill & Dr. Jeff have always taken excellent care of our animals and we have a lot to care for! Thanks for all the TLC and understanding that you have given us and our four legged kids though the years.”
~ Ron & Anita M.

Caring for Farm Animals & Cattle at Bridgeport Animal Hospital, Wise County TX

Many of us grew up on farms right here in the ranchlands of Texas. Since this is where we got our start as veterinarians, farm animal care is a service that hits close to home. Because the health care needs of farm animals vary greatly depending on their environment, we see all farm clients for consultation before moving forward with care. Since cattle and other herd animals are by nature more prone to exposure and disease, it is important for us to have an understanding of environment and lifestyle in order to provide the best care we can.

Caring for Farm Animals & Cattle at Bridgeport Animal Hospital

Whether we're seeing a member of a herd or a show animal, it is always our priority to effectively prevent and detect illness. De-worming and vaccination protocols are standard in all cases, though it is hard to generalize about the needs of farm animals. Our inventory of large animal-specific and portable equipment gives us flexibility in care and diagnosis and also makes it possible to travel to farms for exams, shots, and other procedures. At Bridgeport Animal Hospital, our long-standing relationship with farm animals is something we are proud of. Come talk to us and see what we can do for your cattle and herd animals.