“We always get the best of care for our animals. We wouldn't go anywhere else.”
~ Janet M.

Exotic Pets & Birds: Specialized Care From Bridgeport's Veterinarians

At Bridgeport Animal Hospital, we pride ourselves on the variety of animals we are able to treat. Because the lifestyle needs of exotic pets can be highly varied, it is our policy to see all small and exotic pets—birds, reptiles, ferrets, and beyond—on a case-by-case basis. In every situation, we are able to administer vaccines, perform routine check-ups, and make recommendations about how to care for your pet at home as needed. However, since the care and advice we provide is ultimately dictated by your exotic companion's unique environment, we make it a point to always work with you personally to determine your pet's individual needs.

Exotic Pet Care at Bridgeport Animal Hospital

Your pet's health is important to us, because we know how important it is to you. We invite you to contact us about caring for your special friend, and we encourage you to educate yourself about caring for exotics using reliable, up-to-date resources such as HealthyPet.com's Exotic Animal and Bird Pages.