Bridgeport Animal Hospital Provides Experienced Veterinary Care for Horses

We have a lifetime of experience caring for horses at Bridgeport Animal Hospital. Our location in the ranchlands northwest of the Dallas-Ft.Worth Metro area puts us in high demand for equine health services, which make up a major part of our practice. We conduct a variety of horse-specific wellness procedures, such as physical exams, fecal exams, and dentistry, as well as Coggins tests to screen for equine infectious anemia, a common and often fatal virus transmitted by bloodsucking flies. The specially designed and custom-tailored equine vaccination protocols we offer protect against many of the diseases that most commonly affect horses. These include rabies, intranasal strep, and West Nile virus, which can all be prevented with good vaccinations.

Experienced Veterinary Care for Horses at Bridgeport Animal Hospital

We also offer the unique ability to make farm calls, and with an inventory of medical equipment specially designed for horses, we are able to perform the best equine veterinary work we possibly can. As always, the care we provide horses is custom designed for each client, and we are more than happy to give consultation on all matters equine. Further, in order to start building a body of knowledge on your own, we strongly recommend doing as much as you can to educate yourself about proper horse care because, let's face it, horses are big animals that require a lot of work to stay healthy and strong. A good starting point is's Six Suggestions for Caring for Your Horse, which provides a basic introduction to horse health care.