“We always get the best of care for our animals. We wouldn't go anywhere else.”
~ Janet M.

Learning as We Grow: The History of Bridgeport Animal Hospital, Wise County TX

The Bridgeport Animal Hospital story begins in 1996, when Drs. Bill McGee and Jeff Williams purchased Bridgeport Animal Hospital PLLC with the vision of creating a veterinary practice that would combine tech savvy and animal know-how with personalized service and a human element that they feel is a major part of providing excellent care. The two also opened Boyd Animal Hospital in Boyd, Texas, in 1999, with the veterinarians of Bridgeport rotating between the two clinics.

Bridgeport Animal Hospital's History

Since then, the Bridgeport family has grown to include Drs. Heidi Shipp and Toby Conner. Their role has been invaluable in expanding our knowledge and versatility as a veterinary hospital. In all, our team's special blend of experiences and perspectives has made us as diverse as we are flexible, with each member bringing his or her own set of special skills and abilities to build on a solid core of education and experience. Please visit our veterinarians and staff page to get to know each of us a little better.