Specialized Small Animal Orthopedic Surgery from Bridgeport Animal Hospital, Wise County TX

The small animal orthopedics capabilities of Bridgeport Animal Hospital are some of the best in our area. With our commitment to staying up to date on all that this unique field of veterinary medicine has to offer, we have built a solid body of knowledge and experience in orthopedic surgery. Because we have a personal interest in this rather specialized area, you can expect only the best when coming to us for orthopedic surgical procedures for your animal.

Specialized Small Animal Orthopedic Surgery from Bridgeport Animal Hospital

Orthopedics can be a central part of caring for injuries, as the entire focus of this kind of medicine is on tendons, ligaments, bones, and how they work together. This science is especially concerned with broken bones in pets and helping fractures heal by applying external fixtures, such as splints, braces, and kirshner apparatus, or internal assistive fixtures, such as pins, wires, and plates and screws. Should your pet suffer such an injury, orthopedic surgery can help to rebuild necessary structures and speed up healing. We use this kind of surgery to maintain the integrity of your pet's musculoskeletal system and to make sure all his or her moving parts are in order and working together properly. By repairing these important structures, we can ultimately restore mobility and comfort, getting your animal back on his or her feet and enjoying life.

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