Professional Equine Embryo Transfer Available at Bridgeport Animal Hospital in Wise County TX

Our expertise in equine reproduction allows us to offer unique embryo transfer services for clients breeding horses. In this process, we collect embryos from healthy mares using specialized flushing fluids and filters, as well as the finest microscope equipment available to precisely locate and transfer embryos successfully. This can be done at our facility or in the field, depending on an owner's requirements. We can also ship and receive embryos from other animal hospitals and clinics for transfer. All embryos are evaluated by our expert staff before use and, once cleared, can then be transferred to another synchronized mare for fertilization.

Equine Embryo Transfer Services at Bridgeport Animal Hospital

As always, these processes begin with thorough physical examinations to guarantee the best possible conditions for transfer and are closely monitored using our multiple portable and on-site ultrasound machines. Get in touch with us to discuss if embryo transfer is a good option for your equine breeding needs. If you'd like to do more research on this procedure,'s article on Embryo Transfer in Mares is a very good place to start.