“We always get the best of care for our animals. We wouldn't go anywhere else.”
~ Janet M.

Senior Pets Get the Attention They Deserve at Bridgeport Animal Hospital

As our animal companions begin to age, their health requirements change. Bridgeport Animal Hospital's experienced staff knows this, and we let this simple fact guide us in our approach to caring for senior pets. What we begin to do as your companion reaches seniority is look out for common age-related issues, such as arthritis, weight changes, hair loss, and dental disease as indicated by such things as bad breath and tooth loss. Since pain can become an all too pervasive presence in your pet's later life, we aim to make pain management a central piece of caring for older pets. Using the highest quality treatments and medications available to us, including our advanced capabilities in laser therapy technology, we make it a top priority to stamp out pain to ensure comfort and health for your senior pet.

Senior Pet Care From Bridgeport Animal Hospital

Yet, because we know that it is best to deal with these problems before they arise, it is most important to make sure that caring for senior pets always includes maintaining good nutrition and a healthy lifestyle. Our experienced veterinarians can always make recommendations about the best foods and physical activities for your older companion, and they will gladly provide tips for maintaining good health overall as your pets reaches seniority. We understand how important it is that your companions are well cared for as they age, and we promise to do our very best to guide you along the way.

The AAHA has posted a set of guidelines for owners on caring for senior pets, which we recommend looking over.