Light a Luminary

For centuries, in almost every religious and secular culture, lighting candles has been a symbol of hope and remembrance. Please light a virtual candle in memory of a lost pet.

To light your candle, just follow these three easy steps:

1.  Enter the name of the pet you are remembering:

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2.  Enter the name(s) of the candle lighters: ex. Jeanne, Nate and Tyler with love

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3.  Pick a candle

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Listing of Candles

102 lit candles

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   For Shorty  ~Lit by~ Tammy & Alyssa with love. Not one day goes by that we donít think of you.

   For Kodiak  ~Lit by~ Your mom

   For Kodiak  ~Lit by~ Your mom

   For Tiny  ~Lit by~ David and Belinda

   For Tiny Reasoner  ~Lit by~ David and Belinda Reasoner

   For Jasper  ~Lit by~ Pam

   For Pooka  ~Lit by~ Pam

   For Palomino  ~Lit by~ Adrian and Angelica

   For Sassy Sue  ~Lit by~ Granny, Paw Paw

   For Skye  ~Lit by~ Popi, MiMi, Alyssa,Cameron

   For Pochi  ~Lit by~ Mom, Dad & Grandma

   For Rowdy  ~Lit by~ Stephanie Lovelace

   For Ellie My Lady  ~Lit by~ Pamela

   For Bella Donna  ~Lit by~ Pamela

   For Chongo  ~Lit by~ Judy and bill

   For coco  ~Lit by~ ingram family

   For Buddy  ~Lit by~ Shanna & Wayne

   For kelsea coulson  ~Lit by~ ben

   For Darek  ~Lit by~ Randy

   For Xaros  ~Lit by~ Randy

   For sara  ~Lit by~ olivia

   For marley  ~Lit by~ obrians bunch

   For Zena  ~Lit by~ Ronnie, Meagan, Hailee, Garrett & Makayla

   For Lyric  ~Lit by~ Kreigh & Carol

   For Rowdee  ~Lit by~ Kay and Raynee

   For vdmkho  ~Lit by~ HEPBbcpXfXMWbqEzI

   For Calvin  ~Lit by~ Kristi

   For Nora  ~Lit by~ Tyanne & Austin

   For Abraham  ~Lit by~ Kathy Hopkins

   For Henry  ~Lit by~ Kathy Hopkins

   For Dan  ~Lit by~ Emergency Animal Hospital of Northwest Austin

   For Dusty  ~Lit by~ Audrey

   For D.O.G.  ~Lit by~ Momma, John and Kaleb

   For Mini Pearl  ~Lit by~ Momma girl

   For Junior  ~Lit by~ Cheryl

   For Sebastian  ~Lit by~ Momma with love

   For 1  ~Lit by~ -1'

   For -1'  ~Lit by~ 1

   For Sophie  ~Lit by~ Joel, Iryna, Jason

   For SEBASTIAN  ~Lit by~ ZENIA

   For vdxhopqbkbk  ~Lit by~ kCctTvMxGYC

   For vvlnswnwffa  ~Lit by~ LyIgNToMWhjU

   For Baby Girl  ~Lit by~ Glen, Jessica, Mike and Destiny

   For Maverick Darwin  ~Lit by~ Mom with all my love

   For nahcjomda  ~Lit by~ EEbIYmkXcPkUsCRIWZp

   For nzqegtgsp  ~Lit by~ TBanYPObtZbM

   For furtivfeka  ~Lit by~ cpQcfSDHioUEQSa

   For atjiacpwgz  ~Lit by~ mORLNTlWROPNWjKvM

   For ikvhighid  ~Lit by~ anLGgdLQoQsTEGCBa

   For pcshzfdktpp  ~Lit by~ ttllfmzeFfumRKToS

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